Crafting A Brand For Child Craft

Children’s furniture manufacturer rebrands for young millennial families

Child Craft has been producing timeless nursery furnishings since 1954. They build cribs, beds, changing tables, dressers, and more. Their products look amazing and are designed to be safe and comfortable.

As a company, Child Craft is always looking to innovate. In fact, that hunger for innovation is what prompted them to reach out to KURTZ.

Rebranding And E-Commerce Store Take Child Craft Online Sales From Zero To $50k Per Month

Child Craft’s existing branding was outdated and wasn’t connecting with their target customers—millennials starting families. They wanted to modernize their brand without leaving behind the 67-year reputation they had forged. It was important to keep their foundation present.

To reach their customers, Child Craft needed a stronger internet presence. They wanted an online store with full e-commerce capabilities. They also discovered another B2B company in their industry with a similar name, so they wanted the new branding to be distinct from competitors.

Building a brand identity millennials respond to

We started with the foundation—brand identity. From there, we developed the identity standards manual and brand guidelines.

Based on market research, and repeated experimentation and evaluation, we chose bright colors, clean typography, modern layouts, and compatible lifestyle photography.

Then we handled product photography, motion graphics, infographics, retail packaging, in-store signage, and leave-behinds.

With a comprehensive brand identity in place, we focused on the website. At the time, Child Craft didn’t have e-commerce capabilities. They needed a site to share brand messaging, update product listings, and complete transactions.

Today, products need to be easy to find and purchase. Even minor hiccups and inconveniences can cause customers to shop elsewhere. For increased convenience, we set up an Amazon storefront and social media accounts.

To reach a broader audience, Child Craft envisioned an alternative brand that would allow buyers to mix and match furniture styles, rather than buying a traditional coordinated set.

We created this secondary brand from the ground up, giving more customers expanded buying options.

Online sales go from zero to $50k per month

With Child Craft’s solid reputation, improved online presence, and new e-commerce capabilities, their online sales skyrocketed: $0 to $50,000 per month. Child Craft was so pleased with our service that their vice president of product development, Liesl Emrikian, called KURTZ a huge asset to their company.

And vice president of digital Marketing, Jeff Worcester, wrote, “The KURTZ team has been hands down the best creative agency I've ever worked with, and I've worked with many in my 20+ year career in digital marketing. The team is fairly priced, efficient, responsive, and deadline-oriented, and the details do not get past them.”

The KURTZ team has been hands down the best creative agency I've ever worked with.

Jeff Worcester, Vice President of Digital Marketing
Child Craft

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