Changing The Station Of A Business Through Brand Identity

Finding opportunity in an industry’s need

Foundations is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a variety of children’s furnishings for professional and public facilities. They came to KURTZ for help establishing a presence in the public washroom industry, concentrating on wall-mounted changing stations.

We Identified That Foundations Expertise In Children’s Products Set Them Apart

Through our discovery session, we learned that Foundations was up against large, established companies that dominate the public washroom space. We identified that Foundations expertise in children’s products set them apart.

What they needed was branding focused on this expertise as a differentiation. And since their target customers are engineers, architects, and building managers, they wanted to cater to their needs with easily accessible spec sheets and a great user experience on their website.

Leveraging Foundations’ expertise in children’s furnishings

Foundations already had a strong brand identity. Our goal was to develop branding in harmony with their hard-won reputation, that emphasized their superior craftsmanship in child furnishings.

We achieved that with the tagline our team developed: “Baby Changing Stations Made by Baby Experts.”

We created branding for their product lines in keeping with industry standards. The line names—Ultra, Classic, Stainless, Premier, and Special Needs—effectively classify the tier and price point of each.

Then we designed graphics and signage to improve the aesthetic appeal of select changing tables for high-end clients.

Next we built the Foundations e-commerce website, populating it with our product and lifestyle photography. We even filmed and produced a video demonstrating the product’s features.

For Foundations’ target clients, we designed easily accessible spec sheets, available at their fingertips. And because Foundations regularly attends trade shows, we developed materials, brochures, and catalogs for future events.

At KURTZ, our process is very thorough. In fact, during our evaluation of our progress, we discovered a production issue on a product and immediately alerted Foundations.

Our attention to detail saved them time, money, and an inevitable product recall.

With their new tagline, Foundations positioned itself as the expert in baby changing stations, setting them apart from their older, larger competitors.

The product names and logos gave their product lines a premium feel at an opening price point. And their new e-commerce website allowed them to break away from their previous third-party web hosting service and offer their clients a much better user experience.

Unique Branding Distinguishes Foundations In Industry

KURTZ has been a huge asset to our company.

Liesl Emrikian, Vice President of Product Development
Foundations World Wide, Inc.

Foundations’ vice president of product development, Liesl Emrikian, was very pleased.

She wrote, “KURTZ has always provided exceptional creative design for both B2B and B2C. They were involved in all aspects of our business from digital, to print, to art directing our photography. The KURTZ team is very organized and they always meet our deadlines. They have been a huge asset to our company.”

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